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IoT Projects

Project Title (Download Abstract) Project Video Link Price (INR)
IoT WiFi based data logger with device control 6000
SET-465. Advanced Electronic Voting Machine using GPRS or IOT 12000
Virtual Banking System using IoT with Finger Print Keypad WiFi and GSM 12000
IoT based ICU patients monitoring system using WiFi Heart rate temperature and Oxygen level 9500
IOT based Theft Premption and Security 7000
Raspberry pi home automation over wifi and Android 11000
Sixth sense technology based home automation using Raspberry/Orange Pi 12000
A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment 13000
WiFi based Weighing Scale Reading System using Android Smart Phone 8000
IoT WiFi based Wireless Heart rate monitoring and alerting system with Android 6000
SET-417. Robot controlling wirelessly through WiFi and Android Smart Phone 6000
WiFi based voltage and current graph 7000
WiFi based wireless power theft monitoring system 7000
Low cost Wifi IoT robot controlled from android smart phone/tablet. (esp8266) 6000
Low cost Wifi IoT Home Automation from android smart phone/tablet. (esp8266) 6000
Low Cost IoT WiFi and Android Smart Phone controlled Irrigation Motor (3 phase) 7000
IoT Wifi and Android smart phone controller AC motor speed controller (Lamp dimmer) 6500
ESP8266 wifi IoT based boiling water temprature display on android phone/tablet 6000
Wifi IoT based indoor fire alerting on android smart phone 6000
IoT Wifi based earthquake alerting system 6000
Android Smart phone controlled Microcontroller based Audio Player using IoT 7000
Wireless Colour Sensing Arm Robot (IEEE 2015) 9500
Wireless Sensor Based Home Automation as an Educational Springboard (IEEE 2015) 9000
A power supply topology operating at highly discontinuous input voltages for two-wire connected control devices in Digital Load-Side Transmission (DLT) systems for intelligent lighting (IEEE 2015)
Smart home implementation based on Internet and WiFi technology (IEEE 2015) 7000
WiFi based communication and localization of an autonomous mobile robot for refinery inspection(IEEE 2015) 8000
IOT based Theft Premption and Security 8000
IoT based talking weighing scale for blind (Loadcell + Microcontroller + WiFi + Advanced Voice Module) 9000
IOT and MEMS gesture based home automation for disabled