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ECE Innovative Projects

Project Title (Download Abstract) Project Video Link Price (INR)
Virtual Banking System using IoT with Finger Print Keypad WiFi and GSM 12000
SET-02.Design and construction of MEMS based tilt operated touch free mobile phone (LPC2148) 9000
SET-03. Constuction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features. 7500
SET-04. Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation with voice enabled feature 14000
Raspberry pi home automation over wifi and Android 11000
Sixth sense technology based home automation using Raspberry/Orange Pi 12000
Embedded Linux based License Plate Extraction From Still Images with LCD display 12000
ARM LPC2148 Fingerprint (Biometric) based Security Access Control 9500
SET-13. Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance. 9500
SET-14. RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notification. 8000
SET-20. Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification. 6500
SET-62.GSM based school children security system based on RFID 6500
SET-342. Finger print and keypad based security access control system 8000
WiFi based Weighing Scale Reading System using Android Smart Phone 8000
RFID and GSM based Smart Recharge Any Time (RAT) 12000
Automatic Traffic announcement system over FM 7000
SET-113.Innovative Congestion Traffic Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE 7000
SET-434. Design of a low cost helmet mounted dead recokning navigation system